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Senior Activities for end of school year

posted May 18, 2017, 6:11 AM by Robert L Patton High School   [ updated May 18, 2017, 6:22 AM ]
Thursday, May 18
  • 2nd period:  Senior Awards Ceremony practice
    • All seniors will report to the gym at the beginning of 2nd period.
    • During this time, we will explain expectations for Friday's events and practice marching out of and into the gymnasium (in that order), as well as verify student information to be read at the ceremony.
    • Our goal is to be finished by the end of the period.  If not, an announcement will be made to let you know when seniors will be returning to class.
  • 3rd period:  PRIDE Award voting
    • During the awards ceremony practice, seniors will nominate classmates to be the recipient of the annual Panther PRIDE Award.
    • During 3rd period, faculty will be asked to vote for their choice among the students nominated by the senior class.
    • The winner will be announced during the Awards Ceremony.
    • Also, the Herff-Jones representative will be at school to assist with students' last minute graduation orders.
  • 6:00 pm:  Senior Awards Ceremony
    • Seniors report to the 500 hall by 5:00 pm to take attendance and line up to march to the gym.
    • Department chairs/representatives and administrators, please gather in the media center by 5:45 to lead the processional into the gym.
    • Faculty will be seated on the stage to pass out departmental awards as seniors cross the stage.
    • Faculty will NOT wear robes for this event.
Friday, May 19
  • 1st period:  Senior Walk
    • Those seniors who have signed up to visit the local elementary schools will report directly to their respective schools.  ​
    • All other seniors should report to 1st period as usual.
    • Please encourage seniors to carpool, if possible.  Events at the elementary schools will begin at 8:30 so students will have time to meet before school at Patton and share rides.
  • 2nd period:  Class Photo/Final Class Meeting
    • Due to the timing of events at the elementary schools, all seniors are required to meet in the gym (WITH CAP AND GOWN) before 10:00.
    • John Payne will take the senior class photo at 10:00.
    • We will have our final class meeting to discuss debts, senior class gift, graduation requirements and expectations, etc.
    • We plan to dismiss seniors from the gym by 11:00 so they can put away their graduation "garb" and change clothes for the 2nd half of the day.
  • 3rd & 4th periods:  Picnic/Fun Day
    • Seniors will meet at the stadium by 11:15 for pizza, chips, and dessert.
    • Once students have eaten, they will be allowed to play in the water/mud, play soccer on the football field, throw frisbee, just hang out with their friends, etc. for the next few hours.
    • Teachers who have planning or classes of all seniors during 3rd or 4th period are asked to come out to the stadium to help monitor students.  You do not have to stand out in the heat for the entire period, but please make an effort to be visible.  (We'll try to save you a slice of pizza for your efforts : )
    • I especially need help around 2:30 with cleaning up/shutting down the event.
    • If someone with 4th planning does not want to come out in the heat, I need someone to cover my 4th period class.  Any takers, please?
Wednesday, May 24
  • 2nd period:  Group Photos
    • A photographer for the News Herald will take photos of the following groups in the gym for the graduation edition of the paper:
      • Senior Honor Students
      • Senior Class Officers and Senators 
      • Senior SGA officers
      • Junior Ushers
      • Junior Marshals
      • Northwestern Conference Scholar Athletes
      • Presidential Scholars
      • NC Academic Scholars
    • These photos should not take much longer than 30-45 minutes to complete.