PHS Tardy Policy

Post date: Aug 25, 2017 1:47:05 PM


Students will be counted tardy if they are not inside the classroom when the tardy bell sounds. Accumulation of Tardies is done on a period by period basis. A student may be late (tardy) to each class one time and will technically have 4 accumulated tardies, but disciplinary action begins with the 2nd tardy to the same class. The actions specified below are for tardies to any single class or to advisement. Students who are not in 1st period or who arrive at school after 8:10 AM must receive a tardy note from the office and be admitted to class.

1st Tardy- Warning from the classroom teacher

2nd Tardy- Teacher notifies parents of consequences of additional tardies.

3rd Tardy- 30 minute detention with teacher.

4th Tardy- Administrative Referral – 1 Lunch Detention

5th Tardy- Administrative Referral – 1 day of “Period” ISS for the period where the tardiness occurred.

6th Tardy- Administrative Referral – Required parent conference at school. 2 days of “Period” ISS.

7th Tardy- 1-3 FULL days ISS, loss of parking privileges for 10 days if the student drives to school and they are late for their first class of the day.